About Me

No stories to tell, just enjoy the pictures.


As a photographer I am always working with images.
In addition, I can also really enjoy other people’s work. Because every photo can hold a special story.

The photo on the left is a picture of me when I was ten years old. It was taken by a amateur photographer, who explained me afterwards how he developed his own photos. This probably resulted in my interests in photography at young age.
It is a fascinating phenomenon, that one can photograph (analogously back then) and develop and print photos at their own. This creative process is a special kind of art, in which you can build your own world with your own imagination.
At the age of 16, me and a friend often went on a discovery with our Agfa cameras and collected loads of exploring images. We developed most of these images ourselves.
A couple of years later, I created my own room in which I was able to develop photos. In that same period I purchased my first SLR camera. This turned out to be the first camera of many to follow.